My style is  based in healthy cooking,always thinking in the used of fresh and best ingredients in the market. Flavors, textures,and quality are given by choosing the freshness of the ingredients and the right techniques at the time of cooking. A lot of chefs or line cooks do no care about the nutrition values in a plate,they just think in getting the dish ready for the costumer or for who ever is waiting for it.I am worry about my plates, about what I am using, I think in the person that will be eating my food,I control the salt,butter,cream and oil content in my cooking, the same with the  portions that I am serving. On this days, because the rush, people do not have the time for taking care of themselves, they prefer to eat something quick and fast with out thinking in what are they taking,take care not let soft drinks or other sweets(such as cakes,cookies,pies, and candy) crow out other foods  you need to maintain health, such as low fat milk or other good sources of calcium.Choose fruits and vegetables often,they content very little salt,they are also rich in potassium which help in decrease blood pressure.Get use to in putting fresh herbs,spices and fruits in your cooking.



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