About me

My name is Adriano Valdez,born in the Dominican Republic.I am from a middle class family where always I was surrounded by doctors and nurses because my parents worked in hospitals all the time.On my first years of high school I started having passion for medicine, I want to become a doctor.I spend five years in the faculty,but for some reason I did not graduated; by that moment I got a visa to travel to Toronto,Canada and there for the first time, I feel the heat of a kitchen,the smell of a burning steak on a grill,the taste of home made french fries and the aroma of fresh herbs in a dish; that was the moment when my senses open and my heart says: this is your passion..the kitchen, and since that time until now I love coking,I love the pressure of a hot line.

My cooking is characterize for the use of fresh ingredients and the combination of elements of one culture to incorporate in other to make a new dish, having as a result a fusion cuisine witch  I am a fervent participant. I am happy married with 2 children,a boy ( juan ariel) who is a great digital photographer and computer technician and from who a have a beautiful grand daughter,Jorianny and a girl ( adrianny joselin)who is in law school.

In DR.


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